Mobile Apps

With expertise in native and hybrid mobile development, we connect your business with people wherever they are in the world, regardless of what device they use.

Native or Cross-platform app development. We offer both and help you decide which one is most suitable for your project. Mobile applications are a great way to bring your business closer to your customers, wherever they are. We attentively drill down into your challenges and objectives, helping you to deliver a compelling product with a unique value proposition.

What do we develop?

Our developers analyze your ideas and requirements and recommend top-notch technical solutions to reach the desired goal, which help us to give relevant solutions according to your needs and expected outcomes. The range of mobile app development services we offer include:

cross platform
Cross Platform Development:

Two in One. Solution that runs perfectly on both iOS and Android Ensure your application accessibility, attract more audience, and cut the entire development cost with cross-platform app development services ASTech offers. Taking advantage of React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, and other advanced tools and technologies, our engineers build apps that perform smoothly across different platforms, intuitive UI/UX on any device and giving your business a competitive edge on the market

Native IOS Development:

​If you are looking for experts to turn your business concept into a working iOS app, design a sleek interface and smooth user experience, or need full-cycle iOS development services, we are the partner you need. We take advantage of the variety of device features that are available when developing on the iOS platform and create custom applications for mobile devices that extremely increase user experience. We provide native application development in Swift and Objective-C and our team is constantly exploring new technologies that determine the world of iOS development. When building our applications, we tie clear code together with a transparent development process in order to deliver results that meet both your expectations and the expectations of your clients.

Native Android Development

​Our team delivers Android apps for B2B/B2E and B2C markets. We use Kotlin and Java to create modern dynamic applications for Android devices. Our apps help companies broaden their reach to millions of Android users, build new profit centers, and differentiate them from the competition.

By implementing the user-centric design approach and cutting edge technologies, our Android developers build some of the top apps on Google Play. We breathe life into the design, creating smooth and seamless applications according to your requirements, our innovative ideas and unique concepts.

Mobile App Development Process:

Our approach to mobile development services delivery is shaped by challenges we face. Here is a quick overview.

Requirements Allocation:

At this stage we gather, analyze, and specify requirements. Having discussed your idea, we estimate the app viability.


Time and sequence matter. Every app is the combination of small steps done according to the detailed plan. Here the backlog of user stories is defined and based on the outlined priorities the roadmap of the final product is born.

UX/UI Design:

The next stage involves creation of research-based wireframes and UX prototypes for your app, as well as texts for user interfaces.

App Development and Launch:

You get engaging and immersive design backed with a powerful tech stack and a pure code. We build our working process using Scrum methodology, so that you receive flexible and transparent development. All tasks in the backlog are divided into 2-week sprints.


Our Professional mobile developers run testing/ demo at every stage of the workflow to make sure everything runs smoothly as it is supposed to.We test your app functionality at every stage of the workflow to ensure its quality. At this step we scrupulously test usability, functionality, compatibility and performance of the app. Your product goes through several testing phases.

Deployment on the Google Play and App Store:

Upon your request, we release your ready-to-use app to Google Play and App Store and make sure it is available for further downloading.

Support & Maintenance:

We are sure of the code you get. 2-months code guarantee after release comes with every development, meaning that if something will go wrong with an app, it will be fixed by our team for free.You can also order full support of your app further after the app is released.