Software Re-enginnering

All applications go through a lifecycle - modernization is a journey, not a destination. A system that may not be considered legacy now may become outdated next year due to the pace of technological change, shifting skillset availability and cost, as well as changing business needs.

A successful software re-engineering is much more than just moving data to the cloud, it is the ability to reach higher scalability, performance, and cost optimization.

What we offer:


At this stage we gather, analyze, and specify requirements. Having discussed your idea, we estimate the app viability.

  • want to start with moving to the cloud
  • Need minimal disruption to the application
  • can’t change the application’s architecture
  • no major changes = no unexpected costs
  • fastest modernization at lowest cost
  • new horizon of leveraging cloud services

Augment & Refactor

Making major changes to your application's code or configuration in order to move it to the cloud without impacting its external behavior; architecture of existing application remains unchanged

  • want to add feature, improve performance or scale the application, but it can’t be done in the application’s existing state
  • need to make important code changes to enable migration to the cloud
  • reduced cost of future maintenance
  • good benefit-cost ration fostering growth
  • stability and flexibility ensured by cloud solutions
  • new horizon of leveraging cloud services

Complete Rewrite

Rebuilding your application from the ground up by creating new functionalities to replace and retire existing applications; includes updating the application architecture for a fully modern stack

  • get more value from rebuilding an outdated application than sustaining it
  • solution fully tailored to your needs
  • future-proof design created with maintenance in mind
  • leveraging full power of the cloud

Our cloud engineers and designers have years of experience in bringing systems up to date in a methodical manner that’s oriented towards meeting modernization goals.”