Dedicated Development Team

Do you want to outsource your IT department or project? Outsourcing your IT staff has a wide range of both direct and indirect benefits for your business. Whether you need to add more resources to your existing software development team

We put everything you need at your fingertips, allowing companies that rely on our services to focus on the main activity of their business. In this way, you speed up the development of your company, save hiring and training time, while reducing costs and reducing risks. Choose a quality service without having to create an internal department. Trust the correct IT outsourcing team, our experience and quality will lead your business to success.

Our Process:


To find developers for your development project, we have to understand what exactly you’re looking for

Select programmers’ CVs

After analyzing your request, we’ll send you CVs of engineers whose expertise and level of proficiency meet your requirements


You can also personally interview developers who have been previously confirmed by you to make sure that they possess the necessary skills


Once all engineers are gathered into a team, we’ll sign a contract and you can get to work straight away!

What do you get from a dedicated team?

You get all the required experts to build a project from scratch or improve an existing one.

Your team is not distracted by any other tasks or duties. They are fully dedicated to your project and goals.

The average duration of our partnership with clients is 48 months. We build teams that persist through challenges and stay with you.

Dedicated teams can be assembled faster and are less expensive to maintain than in-house teams.

You can manage the team yourself or leave it up to us – whichever option fits your needs better.

You can directly participate in interviewing and hiring your potential team members to handpick the people that you will feel comfortable working with.

You can easily change and adjust team size and composition if the scope of your project changes.

No need to waste your time handling the office space, team comfort, employee benefits, taxes, etc. – everything is done from our side.