Software Quality

What You Need is Quality. Assuring High Quality and Reliability For Any Software Type Built With Any Technology

With constantly growing customer expectations, businesses are put under increasing pressure to deliver products and services of the highest quality. Even minor bugs and glitches can cause frustration and incur significant losses in terms of finances, reputation, and marketing. Astech is your trusted Quality Assurance partner, bringing a dedicated team of domain-qualified QA engineers that takes charge of your quality assurance process of your software. For us, an appropriate level of test coverage is imperative. We believe that taking quality seriously always pays off!

What do we offer?

  • Automation Testing:

    Among other software QA services, we provide automation testing to replace manual work and enhance overall product quality, speed up time to market and reduce the QA costs. Automated tests run quickly, offer better test coverage, allow to avoid human mistakes and generally increase productivity.

  • Functional Testing:

    Functional testing lets us analyze a separate part of the application within the context of the entire application. This testing ensures that the system does what users are expecting it to do.In other words, we test the business logic of a product to make sure all the functional objectives are met and the app or website performs the functionality it is supposed to.

  • API Testing:

    In a world of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), it is critical that your APIs work as expected for functionality, reliability, performance, security, and shows great performance, we need to conduct API testing.

  • Load and Performance Testing:

    – Load testing is executed to find out how many users can interact with the system simultaneously. In other words, it identifies the maximum number of users the app or website can handle.

    – Performance testing includes various tests that are intended to check how the product behaves and performs.Those tests are written to examine stability, reliability, speed, and many other parameters.

    If you want to focus on maximum user experience, you had to walk through performance testing. This approach will help our team to ensure that your app and servers have the highest level of performance, stability, and responsiveness.

  • Mobile App Testing

    Mobile Apps are evolving fast, and hence need regular functional and regression testing. Since they work in an extremely diverse and unpredictable user environment, they need special attention to non-functional testing. We have a library of thousands of such test cases to ensure that you cover most scenarios.

The Benefits of Quality Assurance for Businesses:

Software development consists of many phases and if errors are discovered in the early phases, it is usually cheaper to fix them. It is therefore important to carry out tests as early as possible. Test-Driven Development stipulates that the tests are written before development, which is particularly important for complex and validated environments.

People look for products they can trust, they can rely on, and that have been extensively tested for functionality and security. Our personal data should be treated as confidentially as possible. Security testing gives the user a trustworthy product, as problems and risks are identified in advance and eliminated during development.

Compliance with product requirements is essential to some extent because it helps to achieve the desired end results. Digital products should offer their users added value and support them in completing certain tasks faster, easier, and more efficiently. It is therefore very important that digital products actually and continuously deliver this added value – and ideally also after a new update, i.e. after a mostly comprehensive change to the software.

The primary goal of our team is to achieve the best customer satisfaction while they use digital products (mostly achieved through an agile process model and a UX design that is tailored to it ). This is also the main reason why apps and software should be tested – to ensure the consistency of requirements over the entire product life cycle. Customer trust is not easy to earn, especially if the product has more bugs after new releases.